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Is it time to replace that worn out, old and faded carpet in your boat? Tired of your carpet releasing from the deck? Tired of the constant uncertainty when boarding your boat? Disappointed with the resale value???


At SafeFloor™, we feel your pain, and have decided not to take it anymore! With SafeFloor’s slip resistant rubberized flooring, all your troubles are gone. The non skid and slip resistant surface provides the safest boarding and de-boarding possible. SafeFloor™ will instantly increase the value of your boat. Our flooring is chemically bonded to the boat deck for decades of permanent flooring. It is, without a doubt, the best flooring option for your boat.


No matter if you have that 50-foot sport fisher, or that 10-foot john boat. No boat is too large or small. If your boat is too big and cumbersome to get out of the water, we’ll come to you! Bay boats, Sport Fishers, Aluminum boats, Pontoons or Boat houses, it doesn’t matter, you need SafeFloor’s flooring to get the extra edge in comfort and looks. Did we mention that it instantly increases the resale value??? Safe, strong and resilient…with a wide range of colors available to match any boat. Not to mention, SAFE! Call today for a free estimate!


Our product is the ultimate in slip resistant flooring. The granulated rubber surface acts like an all-terrain tire providing unrivaled slip resistant properties that add stability and confidence even in bad weather.    Fishermen know the slick conditions created after hauling in the big one. The slime from the fish creates an unsafe situation when it gets on your carpet or floor. This is no longer an issue with SafeFloor™.  The granulated rubber provides unequaled slip resistance under these circumstances.


Safefloor™ quiets any hull noise from the floor acting like a muffler. The hull noise fades into the past.  Another added benefit is knowing you will never have a hook hang in your carpet again. Many fishermen know how frustrating it is when the hook seems to embed itself into the carpet…never again with SafeFloor™ installed.


SafeFloor™ can easily be cleaned with a water hose, or can be pressure washed without causing damage. This easy clean up creates a better fishing experience by removing the majority of the “hassle” of fishing…the clean-up! Since there is no carpet to soak up anything or hold on to dirt and stains, the friendly water hose is all you need to restore the floor back to “good as new”.

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