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SafeFloor™ Frequently Asked Questions



How much does SafeFloor™ cost?


Since every installation has a different complexity, shape and size, we cannot give an estimated price via phone or email without seeing the installation area and taking measurements. BUT remember, we always give FREE Estimates!! We really need to see the boat in person and evaluate the surface and take exact measurements, we will send out a trained and experienced installer to get you a a free quote and at that time we can discuss any details or answer any questions you may have.



Can I install SafeFloor™ myself?


SafeFloor’s application requires skill.  Our installers have the experience and training to apply it the right way.  SafeFloor™ is very difficult to remove.  We would hate for you to ruin something if you made a mistake. Let our professionally trained staff take that worry away from you!



How long will you have my boat?


In most cases we will have your boat for three to four business days depending on the weather and what additional prep work may be required. We will not release a boat until we are certain the curing process is well underway. 



What colors do you have?


We have hundreds of colors to match almost anything. Most custom colors are a blend of two, three, or even four colors so getting a custom look and a good match for the other accessories on your boat won't be a problem.  We have color blocks and a good number of samples available for you to look at before you pick your color.





Is SafeFloor™ permanent?


Yes, It could be removed but it is chemically bonded to the surface of your boat so it is very difficult to remove.



How do I wash my new SafeFloor?


Just as you would your original deck. It can be pressure washed or sprayed down as you normally would without any worries.



How is Safe Floor Installed?


SafeFloor is installed solely by careful hand application, similar to finishing concrete Safe Floor is trawled on your boat in small hand mixed batches.